Ryrek's Tasks

Ice, ice, giant
5-Tarsakh 1492 DR

Having destroyed the abode of the Hill Giants, our avengers turned their eyes on the Frost Giants. Using the magic chain they quickly found themselves not far from the underground sanctuary. A violent thrust saw roaming ice trolls and three guard rooms of giants put to the sword – now finally underground it’s time to look for someone who is charge.

Hill Giants Dead - Check!
28-Ches 1492 DR

After a brief rest, our party boosted by the warrior Mongo and the newly rescued Oaklock set off again through the cellars and rooms under the Hill Giant fort. They encountered a few small groups of giants which were swiftly dispatched and the last of the orc slaves were freed.

Keen on vengeance, the orcs rampaged through the upper rooms wiping out the residual giants and ogres while our heroes sought out and killed Nasnra the chief of the Hill Giants.

Knowing that a few patrols of giants had escaped the slaughter, it was decided to burn the fort down to prevent the returning giants using it as a base.

With a captured map in hand showing the location of a band of Frost Giants our heroes are contemplating their next step.

The Hall of the Hill Giant King
26-Ches 1492 DR

After many weeks of travelling, our fellowship entered the land of Rohan Sterich in search of the two hobbits: Merry and Pippin Cade and Colin. Quickly, they were intercepted by the Riders of Rohan a Keoland Patrol which sent them to speak with Grima Wormtounge Lashton, the King’s Agent.

Lashton informed them that two evils haunted the lands: A mysterious black dome over Istivin, and organised raids by giants. Lashton sees more glory in freeing Istivin so has tasked our heroes to investigate and halt the giant raids.

With little clue of where to go, our travellers headed towards the low mountains known as the Jotens, believed to be the home of the giants. On the journey, they encountered two groups of giants: firstly they were ambushed by a small group of Hill Giants, and then later they met a much larger group of Stone Giants. The Stone Giants expressed their regret about recent events and were in the process of moving to less troubled lands.

Once in the mountains, a group of Dwarfs were encountered who knew where the fort of the Hill giants was. When they arrived at the fort, they found a giant party in full swing.

Taking this opportunity, the group stealthily entered the fort and killed as many sleeping giants as they could until a group of drunk giants surprised them. After stashing the bodies, further investigation led them to the cellars and dungeons below the fort.

Underground a large slave army of orcs was being held by a group of Bugbears loyal to the giants. Having freed these orcs, another group of rebel orcs were encountered swelling the numbers.

Leaving the orcs behind to rest and celebrate, our heroes set off with a single orc guide, and found two Fire Giants working in an underground smithy. A tough fight saw both Gardmeier and Dain eating dirt, but a hard won victory was assured by the ranged abilities of Carric and Bree.

Freeing the captive dwarfs that were also in the smithy our adventurers retreated back to the orc lair to lick their wounds.

After resting, two new pieces of information were presented to the group before they set off: Firstly, the orcs reported that the party upstairs had broken up amongst much shouting with the larger giants seeming very unhappy and making threats of repercussions if ‘this’ isn’t fixed. Secondly, one of the Dwarves, Nedroka Stonespear, mentioned that he believes that his experience working with the Forge of Spells would allow him to attune the powers of Gardmeier’s barbarian sword to make it less likely to take control, all he would need is the help of a powerful wizard and another strong magical item such as Gardmeiers’s suit of armour.

More disturbing news
16-Nightal 1491 DR

Bree receives another letter

Terrible news. Reed has come back, I fear he is truly insane. He said his revenge has started, and then gloated as he told me his next plans. He says he has found the twins in Istivin and plans to torture and kill them next. Then he says he will come back and torture and kill me. Please save the twins and if you can please, please stop Reed.

Cyclops, Dinosaurs, Traps and Hydras
13-Uktar 1491 DR

Who said romance was dead. As the group suspected, the Princess was in love with the Cyclops and the loving couple were offered a place to live where no one would judge them.

With the black pearls in hand, the Lantern was activated and it whisked them away to a far land. A few encounters with Dinosaurs and cavemen saw Carric give away his magic globe but the party arrive safely at a small dungeon filled with traps.

The heroes had a choice of using their brains, or just setting off every trap, they choose the latter. One final challenge remained a 5-headed hydra. By the time they battered it down it had eleven heads, but they still managed to defeat it.

Triumphant, out group headed for home where they met Isir Ryn’orn who was late again. However, that night the source of the ‘being followed feeling’ became apparent as Reed Greenbottle, now apparently a powerful wizard performed a sneak attack which would have killed them all if not for a little magic and fast work by Gardmeier. Unfortunately, it was not enough to save Isir or Watercooler.

Ogres, Wyverns , Dragons and a blob
9-Uktar1491 DR

After a brief journey to their village to plan defences that are beyond the capabilities of the commoners there, our heroes headed in search of The Philosophers Box.

It was a long journey to Wyv where their search was to start in earnest. Along the way, they met a band of bandits who were swiftly dispatched, and then a group of Ogres. Carric decided the best way to deal with this encounter was to bribe the Ogres. The Ogres took his money and were last seen heading towards the mine to help out there, well they headed south, which is nearly the right way.

When Wyv was reached, our travellers headed to the only village in the area and they were greeted warmly despite trying to buy the riding Wyverns used by the village for protection.

A flying barge seemed to be the only way to get to the lantern, and the ruined watch tower seemed to be the best way to get to the flying barge. Unfortunately, the tower was home to a Blue Dragon – who was hungry. A combination of hiding, running up stairs and shouting somehow managed to see the party kill the dragon and they could mount the barge.

Unfortunately, the tasty passengers on the barge drew the attention of a pair of wild Wyverns. These were dispatched just in time for the barge to arrive at the ruined castle where a second Blue Dragon was waiting for his supper.

Eventually, the barge arrived at the lantern. There, the deformed remains of Ridemenu attacked the party and showed them a few new magic tricks. Gardmeier was teleported to a planar maze, Dain was captured in a whirlwind, Bree‘s arrows were ineffective as were Carric’s spells. Then suddenly Gardmeier critted on an intelligence roll freeing him to return to the battle, Carric dispelled the anti-magic shield and Bree was able to burn through the physical shield protecting the blob. Dain fell out of the whirlwind and hurt himself.

With Ridemenu dead the group could examine the controls of the lantern, and they quickly worked out that black pearls were needed to power the magic. So, we now find them back at the village being asked to rescue a princess in return for some black pearls.

White Plume Mountain (Part 2)

A slow, methodical approach saw our heroes clear the inverted ziggurat until Dain decided to try a different approach and used shatter near the glass walls – flooding everything. This slowed down Carric’s quest for shinies and allowed Gardmeier time to taunt him with an empty box.

When the water eventually drained, Whelm was found badly guarded by a halfling. No one trusted him so they killed him. As it turns out, their suspicion was correct and they were right to attack.

Next on the cards was Blackrazor. Having gained the service of a golem, Carric decided to test its dexterity by making it swing Tarzan style across a pit of boiling mud. When it inevitably fell in, it fell to Gardmeier to rescue it as Carric seemed reluctant to.

Blackrazor was guarded by a vampire. Carric took command of the fight. He instructed Bree to ignore the fight and open a big box, he ordered the golem to stop attacking the vampire and help open the big box and then he cast his biggest spells at the empty corner of the room. Despite this they somehow managed to drive the vampire away and gain the sword.

After some debate, they decided to return all three weapons to their owners and so are now not fugitives from the law (well except Gardmeier)

White Plume Mountain (Part 1)

With all eagerness, our heroes headed to White Plume Mountain. On arrival it was easy for them to find a hidden trap door that led them into the depths of the volcano.
The corridors were flooded with some really quite disgusting water, and around the first bend was a very bedraggled sphinx who obviously did not want to be there and was really embarrassed that it was tasked with asking such a trivial riddle.

Once past this, came the first decision, which way to go – they chose straight on. The first room found Dain Loderr, Gardmeier Brandt and Isir Ryn’orn being attracted to some seaweed and trying to drown themselves to prove their love. Fortunately Bree Tealeaf and Carric Siannodel were unaffected and managed to sort everyone out.

The next encounter involved a spinning corridor, burning oil, an archer and a were-tiger wizard. This posed no real problem for our hero’s and Carric Siannodel managed to get hold of a new shiny spell book (with spells and not blown up).

Then came Wave, a trident guarded by the biggest crab anyone had seen. This fight can be summarised as Smash, Grab and Boil with no one dying.

Back to the beginning, turn left and a heated corridor with undead was the only speed bump and then to the inverted ziggurat where mass slaughter started, mostly monsters, but Gardmeier Brandt also took one for the team in true barbarian style.

Stolen Weapons
10-Eleint 1491 DR

Several weeks ago, three highly valued and magical weapons were stolen from their owners. The weapons with the cryptic names of: Wave, Whelm and Blackrazor were all very well protected. Extensive searches have been made, rewards posted, servants questioned and even tortured, even the sanctuary of the thieves guild had been violated looking for these weapons, all to no avail, not a single clue was found.

Then, each of the owners received a cryptic message:

Search ye far, or search ye near
You’ll find no trace of the three
Unless you follow instructions clear
For the weapons abide with me

South past forest, farm and furrow
You must go to the feathered mound
Then down away from the sun you’ll burrow
Forget life, forget light, forget sound

To rescue Wave, you must do battle
With the beast in the boiling bubble
Cross cavern vast, where the chain links rattle
Lies whelm, past waterspouts double

Blackrazor yet remains to be won
Underneath inverted ziggurat
That garnered, think not that you are done
For now you’ll find you are caught

I care not, former owners brave
What heroes you seek to hire
Though mighty, I’ll make each one my slave
Or send him to the fire

The note was signed with the symbol of Keraptis

The ‘feathered mound’ of the poem has tentatively been identified as White Plume Mountain, which was where the weapons were housed by Keraptis when he owned them.

The former owners of the weapons are seeking adventurers to retrieve the weapons from the false Keraptis (for who can believe it is really the magician of legend after 1300 years).

Ryrek believes that our adventurers should undertake this task, for in addition to the reward, being owed a favour by such influential people can never hurt.

Barbarian Sword Reclaimed
22-Elesias1491 DR

Our heroes turned up at Trident Rock to recover the Barbarian Sword. Their first plan, a frontal attack on an impenetrable fortress resulted in a rapid retreat and the party licking their wounds in a local fishing village.

Plan B was then attempted, a more stealthy approach through the caves below the fortress. This involved initially battling with a tribe of Koa-Toa, which for some reason were nickname Murlocks, followed by a crypt level full of Wraiths.

Higher up the rock a few surprises existed in the form of Minotaurs and Water Elementals, but finally the surface and the half-orc leader was tracked down.

The fight didn’t exactly go to plan, with Gardmeier Brandt running away too often which resulted in some serious squishing of Carric Siannodel. Only serious healing by Dain Loderr and constant damage from Bree Tealeaf saw them victorious.

However, eventually the prize, the Barbarian Chief Sword was won. Gardmeier Brandt immediately celebrated by taking all his armour off and grunting.


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