Bree Tealeaf

Young female halfling.


Bree’s parents died when she was 5 and she was raised in Pinedale, Malflower County by her Uncle and Aunt. (Olten and Lidda Hilltopple) who were pig farmers. Bree was raised with her triplet cousins (Milo, Lyle and Perin) who are 5 years younger than she. Her childhood friends were Gillian Highhill (a human) and the twins Cade and Colin Thorngate. Bree remembers the twins as being pranksters and Gillian for her kindness, especially with the doll she gave her on her 10th birthday. The doll was made by Gillian’s mother and Bree still carries it with her everywhere she goes. The doll has a necklace with a bell on it.

As a youth, Bree would spend her time foraging for truffles to sell with her pet boar or learning card tricks in the tavern. At this time Bree came to loath Reed Greenbottle, a bully who never forgave Bree for setting her boar on him after he spoiled her birthday. Reed Greenbottle and his family became rich and hired mercenaries to destroy Bree’s childhood village. Many people died, the rest ran. Bree ended up in a human town (Redhall) where she was recruited by the thieves guild for her nimbleness and cunning. Bree does not know what happened to her family or her childhood friends.

Bree Tealeaf

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