Carric Siannodel

A surly elf with delusions of grandeur


He likes taking all the money


Bastard son of the noble Varis Galanodl and a tavern wench, Carric was rejected and raised by a travelling human Wizard (Joffrey). Joffrey died of old age when Carric was 30, but not before revealing who Carric’s parents are and that he has a younger half-brother (Bryn). Joffrey gave Carric a medallion from his birth, but nothing more is known about it.
While growing up, Carric was bullied by two human youths (John Ironfoot and Robert Oakshield) who killed Carric’s pet crow (One-eye).The bullies are dead, but their family lines are still going strong.

At this time Carric left and spent 60 years in the forest where he was found by a hermit wizard (Aaron Fineleg).Aaron taught Carric the basics of being a wizard. When Aaron died his spell book died with him but his journal remained intact. The journal is written in code, Carric has only translated a few passages so far.

Carric Siannodel

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