Gardmeier Brandt

Young, brawny human- needs to be careful in some towns.


Gardmeier had a happy upbringing in Burton on Marsh despite the fact his mother died giving birth to him. His father ran a store and worked hard to make sure Gardmeier was well cared for.

As he grew, Gardmeier developed a strong friendship with two local lads, Norris and Peter, but they also developed a enmity with a spoilt rich kid: Harrison.

Things took a turn for the worse when after a few drinks Harrison killed Peter in a bar brawl but blamed Gardmeier. The militia were called, money changed hands and Gardmeier was blamed and sentanced to hang without a proper trial. A mysterious characher called Fin Shakis broke Gardmeir out of prison and helped to train him.

Gardmeier Brandt

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