Ryrek's Tasks

Hill Giants Dead - Check!

28-Ches 1492 DR

After a brief rest, our party boosted by the warrior Mongo and the newly rescued Oaklock set off again through the cellars and rooms under the Hill Giant fort. They encountered a few small groups of giants which were swiftly dispatched and the last of the orc slaves were freed.

Keen on vengeance, the orcs rampaged through the upper rooms wiping out the residual giants and ogres while our heroes sought out and killed Nasnra the chief of the Hill Giants.

Knowing that a few patrols of giants had escaped the slaughter, it was decided to burn the fort down to prevent the returning giants using it as a base.

With a captured map in hand showing the location of a band of Frost Giants our heroes are contemplating their next step.


bretappleby bretappleby

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