Ryrek's Tasks

The Hall of the Hill Giant King

26-Ches 1492 DR

After many weeks of travelling, our fellowship entered the land of Rohan Sterich in search of the two hobbits: Merry and Pippin Cade and Colin. Quickly, they were intercepted by the Riders of Rohan a Keoland Patrol which sent them to speak with Grima Wormtounge Lashton, the King’s Agent.

Lashton informed them that two evils haunted the lands: A mysterious black dome over Istivin, and organised raids by giants. Lashton sees more glory in freeing Istivin so has tasked our heroes to investigate and halt the giant raids.

With little clue of where to go, our travellers headed towards the low mountains known as the Jotens, believed to be the home of the giants. On the journey, they encountered two groups of giants: firstly they were ambushed by a small group of Hill Giants, and then later they met a much larger group of Stone Giants. The Stone Giants expressed their regret about recent events and were in the process of moving to less troubled lands.

Once in the mountains, a group of Dwarfs were encountered who knew where the fort of the Hill giants was. When they arrived at the fort, they found a giant party in full swing.

Taking this opportunity, the group stealthily entered the fort and killed as many sleeping giants as they could until a group of drunk giants surprised them. After stashing the bodies, further investigation led them to the cellars and dungeons below the fort.

Underground a large slave army of orcs was being held by a group of Bugbears loyal to the giants. Having freed these orcs, another group of rebel orcs were encountered swelling the numbers.

Leaving the orcs behind to rest and celebrate, our heroes set off with a single orc guide, and found two Fire Giants working in an underground smithy. A tough fight saw both Gardmeier and Dain eating dirt, but a hard won victory was assured by the ranged abilities of Carric and Bree.

Freeing the captive dwarfs that were also in the smithy our adventurers retreated back to the orc lair to lick their wounds.

After resting, two new pieces of information were presented to the group before they set off: Firstly, the orcs reported that the party upstairs had broken up amongst much shouting with the larger giants seeming very unhappy and making threats of repercussions if ‘this’ isn’t fixed. Secondly, one of the Dwarves, Nedroka Stonespear, mentioned that he believes that his experience working with the Forge of Spells would allow him to attune the powers of Gardmeier’s barbarian sword to make it less likely to take control, all he would need is the help of a powerful wizard and another strong magical item such as Gardmeiers’s suit of armour.


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